In RetroArch, shaders are hardware accelerated video filters. They can enhance the rendering of the game, or make it looks closer to the original hardware supposed to run it.

Using a shader preset.

First, launch a game:

Then, go back to the menu, and go to the Shader Options entry:

Go to Load Shader Preset. RetroArch allow stacking many shaders manually, but for now we will go with a preset.

Lakka supports only the GLSL format, so go to glsl_shaders.

For this example, I choose xbr/xbr-mlv4-multipass.glslp

This shaders is very heavy, so don’t use it on weak hardware like the Raspberry Pi. There are lighter ones.

If the shader preset loaded properly, you should see a few lines describing the different passes defined in the preset.

Apply changes.

And go back to the game. You should notice a visual effect applied on the image.