Raspberry Pi

General information

On the first partition of your SD card, you will find a file named config.txt. This file allows you to tweak a lot of things like framebuffer resolution, overclocking, audio, and is documented here

Audio not working on some TVs

Some TVs send a wrong EDID saying that HDMI audio is not supported while in fact it is. You may need to force HDMI audio by uncommenting this line in the config.txt:


HDMI to DVI adaptor

If your RPi is not booting while using an HDMI to DVI adaptor, please remove this line from your config.txt:


HDMI to VGA adaptor

If you are using a HDMI to VGA adaptor on a Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 and you want to use the jack output for the sound you have to write in config.txt on the first partition of the SD card:


So the board’ll not use the HDMI sound output.