Welcome to Lakka documentation!

Lakka is a linux distribution aimed to transform a small computer into a retro emulation console.
It is based on OpenELEC and RetroArch.

Getting started

Configuring Lakka

Advanced usage

Hardware specific tips


You can contribute to Lakka but as the project is still very young, please get in touch with us before so efforts don’t get wasted. We hang on the IRC chans #retroarch and #lakkatv on Freenode.


If you found a bug, please check our bug tracker before declaring a new bug.

Most Lakka developpers are living in Europe, we try to stay connected on IRC but it may take time before we can reply.

Sometimes, we are on hollyday :)


Lakka is just a small distribution built by a bunch of friend. All the real work is done by the Libretro and the OpenELEC teams. Without their efforts Lakka would not be possible. Lakka became the official Linux distribution of RetroArch and libretro, and we work together to improve adapt RetroArch to this use case.