First boot

Follow the following steps:

  1. Insert the SD card or the eMMC into your Odroid XU3/4
  2. Set the boot mode depending on whether you are using an SD card or the eMMC
  3. Connect a HDMI wire from your Odroid XU3/4 to your TV
  4. Power on your TV
  5. Plug in an Ethernet wire (optional)
  6. Plug in a supported joypad into one of the 4 USB ports on your Odroid
  7. Plug in the power supply of your Odroid XU3/4

You should see our splash screen:

Splash Screen

The system will expand the file-systems and reboot after 30 seconds. This happens only on the first boot, the rest of the boots should be fast.

If everything went OK, you should now be able to navigate Lakka Menu, our graphical interface:

Lakka menu

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Lakka!

You can now proceed to the final step.