Lakka 3.7 release

Posted on 2022-03-01 by vudiq


New version of Lakka has been released!

We are happy to announce the new and updated version of Lakka.

Release summary

Changes since version 3.6:


For new installs, recorded videos will be saved in /storage/recordings accessible via SAMBA share Recordings. If you update from earlier version, RetroArch will by default save videos to /storage/.config/retroarch/records, which is also accessible via SAMBA share Configfilesretroarchrecords. You can change the default path for saving videos via SettingsDirectoryRecordings. Please, bear in mind that this feature is demanding, especially when using GPU recording (3D cores). It may not work with every core. Please see RetroArch bug tracker for any existing issues with recording.

Config file for recording

Currently it is possible only to use software encoder. Use the below configuration and store it as e.g. Software.cfg in the following path:

Configuration file contents:

vcodec = libx264
acodec = libmp3lame
pix_fmt = yuv420p
scale_factor = 2
threads = 3
video_crf = 25
video_preset = superfast
video_tune = animation
audio_global_quality = 75
sample_rate = 44100
format = flv

Known issues

See GitHub for information about currently open bugs and issues and also for possible workarounds for these bugs/issues.

Final notes

You can download the latest release from Lakka download page. If you want to follow the development of Lakka more closely, you can download latest Lakka nightly builds.

If you want to show your support for further development of the Libretro projects and ecosystem, you can learn more here.

Happy retro-gaming!