Lakka 2.0 stable release!

Posted on 2017-04-28 by kivutar

After 6 months of community testing, we are proud to announce Lakka 2.0!

This new version of Lakka is based on LibreELEC instead of OpenELEC. Almost every package has been updated!

We are now using RetroArch 1.5.0, which includes so many changes that listing everything in a single blogpost is rather difficult.

There are also tons of new cores to play new types of games!

Full Changelog

Important changes

Important bugfixes

New supported hardware

Lakka 2.0 adds support for these new boards and boxes:

Note that we continue supporting the boards that already work with Lakka 1.0: Odroid, Orange Pi, UDOO, etc.

New cores (emulators and game engines)

In this new version, almost all of the libretro cores on every platform are now enabled. This is to increase netplay compatibility across different versions of Lakka.

Updated cores

All the cores have been updated. Non exhaustive list:

The core updates include support for netplay and cheats, and also new renderers for PSX and N64 emulators.

Updated controller support

The joypad profiles has been updated. The following joy pads required specific changes to work properly (and now do): * XBox One S * Wii U GameCube Adapter * OUYA controller * NVidia Shield Controller * Gen Game S3 Controller

Installing or upgrading

Our installation tutorial has been updated with the new images.

Users of Lakka 2.0 Release Candidate can upgrade directly through the graphical interface.

Users of the stable release of December 2016 will have to reinstall from scratch. Advanced users can also attempt a manual upgrade by placing the TAR in the Update folder.

Thank you all for using Lakka! Special thanks to all the testers and donators who made this release possible.