Lakka included in NOOBS

Posted on 2016-10-27 by kivutar

Lakka is now included in NOOBS!

NOOBS, the New Out Of the Box Software, is a tool developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to make it easy for beginners to install one or more operating system on their Raspberry Pi.


You can purchase a pre-installed NOOBS SD card from many retailers, such as Pimoroni, Adafruit and The Pi Hut. You can alternatively download NOOBS from below and follow the software setup guide and NOOBS setup guide video in the Raspberry Pi help pages.

When booting your NOOBS SD card for the first time, you will have the choice of Operating Systems to setup. If you choose Lakka, our latest stable release will be downloaded and installed. You could also try out one of the other great OSes included in the list, and even setup two or three at the same time. It’s the easiest way to get both RetroArch and Kodi running without technical knowledge.

Please note that we’re not selling SD cards ourselves and we’re not making any profit on the SD cards sold by the shops listed above. Lakka and RetroArch are and will always remain free.

I’d like to thank the Raspberry Pi Foundation for including Lakka in their list. It will certainly make it much easier for everyone to play with Lakka.

The next releases will address their remarks about usability concerns and should make Lakka usable to a wider audience.