Christmas release

Posted on 2015-12-24 by kivutar

A new release is available!

Santa in Secret of Mana

Core packages upgraded

Some core packages were upgraded. We’re trying to follow OpenELEC 6 without loosing i386 and BIOS support.

This kernel update for PC is known to fix some compatibility with graphic cards.

RetroArch upgraded

This fixes the joypad hotplug bug that affected the two last releases.

It also improves the display of the history list.


We ensure that Avahi is built for every image, allowing you to connect your Lakka box without knowing the IP, using the local domain:

ssh [email protected]


The Snes9x Libretro core have been packaged and enabled on the PC builds instead of snes9x-next. This core is slower than snes9x-next, but have better compatibility. I was able to play Bomberman 5 with the multitap, and some Satellaview roms.


This release will serve as a clean basis to build the future version of Lakka. The year 2016 will bring a lot of long awaited GUI integration, like the ability to upgrade Lakka directly from RetroArch. Now that both Lakka and RetroArch have regular stable releases, we can focus on implementing new features. The Libretro team started working on cores again, they are currently porting Reicast, the Dreamcast emulator :)

We hope that you can all enjoy Christmas with your families. We received some mails of users building some Lakka boxes as present for their children or for their parents!