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New hardware: Odroid C1

Posted on 2015-01-20 by floreal

We received a package

Lately we had several request for an odroid port, so we asked Hardkernel if they’d like to provide us with some of their awesome boards.

And then, yesterday we received this package :

The package

Here is what we found inside :

Two Odroid C1 boards and everything needed to run them:

Package content

So we got, twice, as we were told :

A board

And once the board is in it’s case.

In it's case

Thanks a lot to Hardkernel. Now we will start working on the odroid C1 ports.

News about the development

As the C1 has a Mali chipset for video acceleration, we worked these last days fixing it For Allwiner boards (Cubieboard 2 and Cubitruck). The black flickering and black background issue when using lakka / xmb menu are now fixed.

Here is what changed since the last Update:

The release is getting closer and closer!!