ROMs and BIOSes

Introduction to ROMs and BIOSes

In general, two types of files must be copied to the Lakka system in order for RetroArch emulate a game or other software: ROMs and BIOS images. Note that some of the consoles and arcade systems that can be emulated by Lakka have built-in support and do not require a BIOS image.

ROM storage and organization

Game ROMs must be placed in subfolders within the roms folder. Generally, ROMs should be zipped, except for CD images: Lakka’s emulators prefer the format BIN+CUE for CD images.

Many users sort their ROMs into subfolders named after the system which the ROMs belong to. This results in a subfolder system such as:

     Atari - 2600/
          Individual Atari 2600
     Sega - 32X/
          Individual Sega 32X
          Individual Sega 32X
     etc. ### BIOS storage and organization Generally, system images (BIOS images) must be placed in the `system` folder although there are certain exceptions described in the table below.

ROM scanning and playlist generation

Lakka incorporates a ROM scanning system to produce the playlists in Lakka’s horizontal menu. Each ROM stored in a folder being scanned by the playlist generator is checked against a database of ROMs that are known to be good copies. If you would like to generate playlists without the aid of the generator, or generate playlists for systems that do not have generator support yet, the playlist file format has been documented.

The most successful approach to adding ROMs to Lakka is to use ROM sets that have been validated by software like ClrMamePro or ROMVault. These programs can check a collection of ROMs against the same database of ROMs that are used by the playlist generator. Information about which databases to use to validate ROMs can be found in the table below.

Please note: ClrMamePro and ROMVault are powerful, but also complex and not friendly to new users. The RetroPie documentation has a helpful guide for those getting started with ClrMamePro that is focused on MAME ROMs but is applicable to other kinds of ROMs as well. The Lakka forums are also a good place to learn more about how to identify and prepare ROMs for Lakka.

BIOS images

Some libretro cores require a system or “BIOS” image to work. BIOS images must be placed in the system folder of your Lakka installation. The BIOS and other notes column in the table below includes information about how to configure systems which require BIOS images for emulation.

ROM and BIOS requirements table

Remember: Linux is a case sensitive system. Please name BIOS files exactly according to this table. Read more about the filesystem and how to access it in order to transfer BIOS or ROM files to Lakka.

System Validated DAT Playlist support BIOS and other notes
2048 Unknown Unknown N/A
3DO - 3DO Unknown Unknown BIOS name:panafz10.bin MD5: 51f2f43ae2f3508a14d9f56597e2d3ce
Atari - 2600 None Unknown The Atarimania “Atari 2600 VCS ROM Collection” has been shown to work well with this emulator, although there is currently no automatic playlist support in Lakka.
Atari - 7800 No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes BIOS name: 7800 BIOS (U).rom MD5:0763f1ffb006ddbe32e52d497ee848ae
Atari - Jaguar No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Atari - Lynx No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes BIOS name: lynxboot.img MD5:FCD403DB69F54290B51035D82F835E7B
Bandai - WonderSwan No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Bandai - WonderSwan Color No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Cave Story Unknown Unknown N/A
Dinothawr Unknown Unknown N/A
FFmpeg N/A No N/A
Final Burn Alpha FB Alpha Yes Copy the roms folder from the FB Alpha ROM set to the Lakka roms folder. Rename this new FB Alpha folder FB Alpha
GCE - Vectrex No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Id Software - Doom Unknown Unknown BIOS name: prboom.wad MD5: unknown Store prboom.wad next to the Doom WADs
Lutro Unknown Unknown N/A
Magnavox - Odyssey2 No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes BIOS name: o2rom.bin MD5: 562d5ebf9e030a40d6fabfc2f33139fd
MAME 2003 Progetto-SNAPS MAME 0.78 No* * A playlist generator and pre-compiled playlists are available in the forums.
Microsoft - MSX No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Microsoft - MSX 2 No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
NEC - TurboGrafx 16 (PC-Engine) No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes Bios name:syscard3.pce MD5:0754f903b52e3b3342202bdafb13efa5
NEC - SuperGrafx No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
NEC - PC-FX Unknown Unknown BIOS name: pcfx.bios MD5: unknown
Nintendo - Famicom Disk System No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes BIOS name: disksys.rom MD5: ca30b50f880eb660a320674ed365ef7a
Nintendo - Nintendo DS No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Nintendo - Game Boy No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance No Intro 2016-01-03 Yes BIOS name:gba_bios.bin MD5:a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6
Nintendo - Game Boy Color No Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Nintendo - Nintendo 64 No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Nintendo - Virtual Boy No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Quake Unknown Unknown N/A
Phillips - Videopac+ No-Intro 2016-01-03? Yes o2rom.bin? Same as Magnavox Oddessy2?
Sega - 32X No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes N/A
Sega - Game Gear No-Intro 2016-01-013 Yes N/A
Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 2016-01-013 Yes N/A
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis No-Intro 2016-01-03 Yes BIOS files are needed for ROMs which use the system’s expansion CD-ROM drive<ul><li>MegaCD Japan BIOS name:bios_CD_J.bin MD5:2efd74e3232ff260e371b99f84024f7f <li>SegaCD US BIOS name:bios_CD_U.bin MD5:278a9397d192149e84e820ac621a8edd <li>MegaCD Europe BIOS name:bios_CD_E.bin MD5:e66fa1dc5820d254611fdcdba0662372</ul>
Sega - Saturn Unknown No BIOS name:saturn_bios.bin MD5:unknown According to Yabuse libretro docs, “any Saturn BIOS file should be good to go.” A US BIOS with an MD5 of f273555d7d91e8a5a6bfd9bcf066331c may be a good choice.
Sony - PlayStation (Japan) Unknown Unknown BIOS name: scph5500.bin MD5: 8dd7d5296a650fac7319bce665a6a53c
Sony - PlayStation (US) Unknown Unknown BIOS name: scph5501.bin MD5: 490f666e1afb15b7362b406ed1cea246
Sony - PlayStation (Europe) Unknown Unknown BIOS name: scph5502.bin MD5: 32736f17079d0b2b7024407c39bd3050 - rename from scph7003.bin
Sony - PlayStation Portable Unknown Unknown BIOS name: ppge_atlas.zim MD5: unknown ppge_atlas.zim must be placed within the system folder inside a subfolder called PPSSPP.
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket No-Intro 2016-01-013 Yes N/A
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color No-Intro 2016-01-013 Yes N/A