ROMs and BIOSes

Lakka uses an internal database to sort the ROMs in the playlists. ROMs will be checked againts this database. You need to use good dumps. The best way to find good dumps is to use the No-Intro ROMs. Roms have to be placed in the roms folder.

Some libretro cores require a BIOS to work. You need to find those BIOSes by yourself as it is illegal to provide them. Those BIOSes must be placed in the system folder on your Lakka Box. To know how to access the Lakka filesystem, check this link.

ROM scanning

The latest versions of Lakka feature a ROM scanning system to produce the playlists in the horizontal menu of Lakka. Each ROM will be checked against our local database. This database is provided by the No-Intro and can be browsed here.

We recommand you to use ROMs from the No-intro 2016-01-03 Fixed ROMset to make sure that all your ROMs match an entry in our database. Also, all the dumps listed by No-Intro are good tested dumps.

Regarding Arcade games, we recommand the FBA v0.2.97.38 ROMset.

Our emulators prefer the format BIN+CUE for the CD Images.

You can keep your ROMs zipped. Arcade ROMs need to stay zipped. CD images shouldn’t be zipped.

The following systems doesn’t support scanning yet:

BIOS table

This table lists all the required BIOSes. If a system is not listed here, it means that it requires no BIOS.

Remember, since Linux is a case sensitive system, you have to rename the BIOS files according to this table, so Lakka will be able to find the BIOS.

Manufacturer Model BIOS Additional info
3DO 3DO (4DO) panafz10.bin  
Atari Atari 7800 (ProSystem) ProSystem.dat A database
Atari Atari 7800 (ProSystem) 7800 BIOS (U).rom  
Atari Lynx (Handy) lynxboot.img  
Id Software Doom (PrBoom) prboom.wad Store it next to your Doom WADs
Magnavox Odyssey2 o2rom.bin  
NEC PC-FX pcfx.bios  
NEC PC Engine/PCE-CD syscard3.pce PCE-CD BIOS
Nintendo NES (Nestopia) disksys.rom Famicom Disk System BIOS
Nintendo Game Boy Advance gba_bios.bin  
Sony PS (Beetle PSX) scph5500.bin Japanese BIOS
Sony PS (Beetle PSX) scph5501.bin US BIOS
Sony PS (Beetle PSX) scph5502.bin European BIOS
Sega MegaCD bios_CD_J.bin Japanese BIOS
Sega SegaCD bios_CD_U.bin US BIOS
Sega MegaCD bios_CD_E.bin European BIOS
Sega Saturn saturn_bios.bin  
SNK NeoGeo Place it next to your NeoGeo ROMs

Note: PPSSPP, the PSP emulator, will need the file ppge_atlas.zim to be placed at system/PPSSPP/ppge_altas.zim
This file can be found there

An exhaustive and up-to-date list of BIOSes can be found here: These files contains the name of BIOSes needed for each libretro core. It also contains the checksum, if you want to check that your BIOS is the right one. This is particulary needed for PSX BIOSes, since there are a lot of versions that will not work.